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  • Can I see the work space?  Yes, you can before we begin, but we ask that you do not remain in the salon during grooming due to limited space and safety regulations.

  • How long will it take?  Time needed is dependent upon the dog’s abilities, size, hair quality, and choice of services.  Average grooming takes 1.5—3 hours.

  • How is your trailer powered?  We have a generator, but it can be noisy so we ask if we can use your power plug on the outside of your house instead to keep the noise to a minimum.  We do not want to disturb your neighborhood.

  • Is your water recycled ?  No, we fill with fresh water every morning.

  • Is there Air Conditioning in your Mobile Spa?  Yes

  • Is the water you use heated?  Yes, we have a water heater attached to our water line.
  • All Natural Shampoos
  • Ear Cleaning
  • We come to you!
  • Deshedding
  • Full Grooming
  • Bath & Brush


  • Teeth Brushing
  • Nail Clipping & Filing
  • Paw Care

About the Groomer

Hi, my name is Shelsie I worked and trained for 7 years under a Master Groomer in  Omaha, NE who had 35+ years of experience. Then after moving to Florida I have worked in a grooming salon for 4 years for a total of 10+ years of professional grooming experience. I also have a Pet Grooming Certificate from Penn Foster Career School.  I started PAWSITIVELY PARADISE because I like to work one on one to give the dog all my attention and to ease any anxiety they may have experienced with the grooming process. PAWSITIVELY   PARADISE is an affordable  mobile grooming salon that comes to you. I come to your door, get your best friend and groom them in my fully  functional and safe mobile salon right outside your door, Then I return your pet back to you all groomed  and happy.  Pawsitively Paradise Mobile Grooming was established Aug of 2015.